Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Best and Worst of Covers (9)

Every Saturday, I post one book cover I love and one cover I dislike of books I've read. I include information for each book: the edition, summary, publisher, number of pages, reading level, and my thoughts of the cover. This week the cover I love is Liar by Justine Larbalestier, and the cover I dislike is nothing haha. I didn't not like any covers, so it I will only have a cover I like : ) The book summary is from Amazon.

The Cover I Love: 
Title: Liar
Author: Justine Larbalestier

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Publication Date: September 29, 2009
s: 384
Edition: Hardback
Reading Level: Young Adult

Micah will freely admit that she’s a compulsive liar, but that may be the one honest thing she’ll ever tell you. Over the years she’s duped her classmates, her teachers, and even her parents, and she’s always managed to stay one step ahead of her lies. That is, until her boyfriend dies under brutal circumstances and her dishonesty begins to catch up with her. But is it possible to tell the truth when lying comes as naturally as breathing? Taking readers deep into the psyche of a young woman who will say just about anything to convince them—and herself—that she’s finally come clean, Liar is a bone-chilling thriller that will have readers see-sawing between truths and lies right up to the end. Honestly.

Thoughts of the Cover:
The cover of Liar is fantastic and goes so well with the crazy story. I love how her mouth is covered like she's trying not to lie. It's very messed up that the ARC cover has a white female when the main character is black. I'm so glad the cover it was changed to the amazing cover it has now. It's very cool to think we have a say in those kinds of things because it was all the controversy that made the publishers change the cover. Anyways I love the bright green because it goes well with what she is wearing. The title is nice, big, and bold too!

What are your thoughts on this cover?


  1. I liked the concept of the original, I thought it was fairly spooky and really pretty. That being said, when I found out that the character on the front didn't resemble Micah at all, I was really glad to see they changed it to the one we're all now familiar with. If I had to chose though, the Australian cover for Liar is my absolute favourite. I love the distorted lettering. It's a very unique concept that works so well.

  2. I havent read the book yet, but i like the cover. I don't love it, but it's okay. :)

  3. I think the Liar cover is nice-looking, but it's not one of my favorites. The colors go well together, but I love covers that are either simplistic yet stunning or ones with different shades of a color. If that makes sense. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. i like both, i mean they look the same kind of.

  5. I have yet to read Liar, but looking at both covers I get very different impressions of what the story in side might be like. Apart from the change of girl I would have still expected them to both have the same feel and to me they don't, which I find weird. Just my thoughts.
    Maureen Hume.

  6. I think this is a great cover, and I completely agree that it was a good idea that they changed it. I haven't read this book, but its on my TBR list!

  7. Hello! Nice blog (new follower)

    I like them both, so I would buy them both and have them stand beside each other xD


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