Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In! Plus Snow Pictures!

Hey everyone! My town in Pennsylvania got a ton of snow Friday and today, Saturday. Right now we have about 2 feet of snow and it's still snowing! I haven't seen so much snow here for a loooong time. The storm is setting records in D.C., Baltimore, and many other places. A small town about 15 minutes away from me was announced on the Weather Channel of having 25 inches of snow. It's all so crazy! Here are some pictures of all the snow:

Friday night just as the storm started.

Saturday morning when I woke up!

Close up of all the snow on my back porch table.
The snow is so pretty and looks pretty yummy : )
Anyone else snowed in?


  1. Lol, I live in Maryland, and that's exatly what my porch looks like over too. In the highest places, it's pretty much to my waist, so almost 3 feet. Crossing my fingers for more snow! :P

  2. Love the pictures...we are not snowed in here in the northwoods of Wisconsin but we have had storms like this..I suppose we are due for one soon too althought we do have a decent amoutn of snow here...have a great day snuggling...

  3. Haha yeah Jenn me too. It looks were getting another one on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Thanks CelticLady : D

  4. Im in PA too and its crazy! But kind of fun. Cool Pictures:-)

  5. I'm in New York State, and surprisingly, no effects of the storm! We usually get bogged down with it. Cool pictures. It's sure nice to look at, but not to go out into!

  6. Loved the pictures!! Here is Miss. that's unheard of!!

  7. Last week we got 27cm of snow in Canada. My doorway was blocked and I was late for my finals because of it :( But snow is pretty, but cold!!

  8. Book Monster - wow that must have sucked. I totally agree, snow is pretty but extremely cold : )


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