Friday, September 17, 2010

Sorry for My Absence + Blog News

Hey everyone, it's been a little too long since I've blogged or even commented on anyone's blog...I'm very sorry :' (  I just started school again (blah!) this month and all my academic classes (British Literature, Probability and Statistics, Problems and Issues, and Speech) are this semester and keeping me pretty busy with homework. Also, I just got hired as a cashier at Wal-Mart where I work 20 hours a week, so life will be very busy with school, work, SATs practice, college apps, and more. I hope to schedule my posts on the weekends since the weekdays consist of school then work right after. I'm not going to promise constant activity until next year after swim team and when I have all my easy electives.

Oh and I am excited to announce that I now have business cards for my blog, so if anyone wants one just shoot me an email so I can send you one. Also, I will be doing an IMM this Sunday which will include my Kindle which I received a couple of weeks is soo amazing, I just love it to death! Be on lookout for a couple reviews soon and my Kindle Edition IMM this Sunday : )


  1. Wow you sound uber busy (like me) I usually update my blog post 2 times a week in the morning. I do it then because once my day gets started it doesn't stop. Sounds like you have the same situation. Good luck on all your studies!

  2. omg i have missed you girl, you do sound busy but i hope you can make some time for your blogger peepz from time to time, keep working hard hun, ohh business card awesome! if you want i would love one or just put a pic of it in your IMM i dont mnd either way, chat soon chick :)

  3. Ooh good idea about the cards...I will post a pic of them in my IMM post! : )


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