Review Policy

Contact Me
Twitter: @AddctdBookReadr

I check my email and other accounts multiple times a day, so I will respond back accordingly to your message.

Concerning Authors, Publishers, Agents, and Etc.
I would love to receive books for review and below are the following guidelines to ones I will consider. I am also open to author interviews, guest posts, hosting giveaways, blog tours, and more so just contact me at my email address above, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Genres and Book Types Accepted
An Addicted Book Reader is focused mainly on Young Adult and Adult Fiction novels. I’m open to many genres including but not limited to: Young Adult and Adult Fiction, Dystopian, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, and more. I, however, tend to not read or review nonfiction books including: biographies, informational books, memoirs, and more.

I will accept any type of physical book published at any time including paperbacks, hardbacks, ARCs, and galleys. I am very partial to reading eBooks, so I will gladly accept an electronic copy over a physical copy.

Time Frame and Schedule
I wish I would be able to accept every request but that is just not possible, so thank you for being understanding. Once I receive a book for review, depending on the release date and amount of books I have to review, I will try to review the book 1-3 months after receiving it with my honest opinion. If you need or want the book to be reviewed by a certain date, please state that in your email. If I absolutely can not finish the book, I will say so in my review but will try to say at least some positive aspects of the book.

My Rating System
I use a five star rating system, based on the picture below, to help group books together based on how much I enjoyed them. My review, however, is a more accurate description of what I liked and disliked. Most of the books I review are 3-5 stars. If a book is a 1 or 2 stars, I probably would not finish it, since I tend to not have much patience to finish a book I am not enjoying.

Thank you in advance. I hope we can work together in the future!

(**Updated as of September 2016**)