Saturday, August 15, 2009

I won a box of books from Elizabeth Scott!

Hey everyone! I'm very excited because I just won a a box full of hardcovers, paperbacks, and ARCs from author Elizabeth Scott. She was hosting a contest for the chance to win a box of books if you list Thirteen Reasons Why you want to win it. The title is that because one of the books is Th1rteen R3asons by Jay Asher. She said if you give reasons starting with A-M or Z-N she would be extra impressed. My sister, mom, and I spent a couple hours trying to come with alliterations for reasons A-M. We had fun doing it, and I guess it really paid off. I'll post all the books later when I receive the box. :) 

Well here is my entry:

1. Always aiming for an awesome new ARC to acquire.

2. Buying books is brilliant,
but a big box of free books is a billion times better!

3. Constantly
I crave chances to curl up with a copy from a cool new collection.

4. Daily I dream of delving deep into different,
delightful, and daring dramas.

5. Each and every empty expanse in my room is eagerly awaiting extra editions.

6. Frequently
I fancy finding free, fascinating fiction!

7. Getting great giveaways gets me giddy and grateful.

8. Having hardcovers
here at home helps give me hours of happiness.

9. I’m into interestin
g books that ignite my imagination.

10. Journeying
into a juicy journal makes me jump for joy.

11. Kicking back and reading kindles my knowledge and keeps me content.

12. Literally I live, laugh, love, and READ!

13. Many thanks for the marvelous menagerie of magical manuscript
s that may be for me!

By: Adrienne, Julian, and Jen :D


  1. That's really cool! I wish I was so lucky! I never win contests, aha. But you deserve it! That A-M work was genius!

  2. This is really cool. Congratulations!

  3. I tried to win that box, so I'm curious... Will you post a list of the books in it?

  4. Yes, I will post the books when I receive the box. I'm excited to find out which books are in there.

  5. Wow! Your thirteen reasons why are amazing!! No wonder you won! Congrats and happy reading!



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