Friday, August 21, 2009

My First Contest!!

Hey everyone, I'm holding my first contest! Author Michelle Moran and Random House have two books to give to two winners. The two books are a paperback copy of The Heretic Queen as well as a hardcover of Cleopatra's Daughter which comes out September 19, 2009. Here are the summaries from Michelle's website:

The Heretic Queen summary:

In ancient Egypt, a forgotten princess must overcome her family’s past, and remake history.
The winds of change are blowing through Thebes. A devastating palace fire has killed the 18th dynasty’s royal family—all with the exception of Nefertari, niece of the reviled former queen Nefertiti. The girl’s deceased family has been branded as heretical, and no one in Egypt will speak their names. A relic of a previous reign, Nefertari is pushed aside, an unimportant princess left to run wild in the palace. But all of this changes when she is taken under the wing of pharaoh’s aunt, and brought to the Temple of Hathor where she is educated in a manner befitting a future queen.
Soon Nefertari catches the eye of the crown prince, and despite her family’s history, they fall in love and wish to marry. Yet all of Egypt opposes this union between the rising star of a new dynasty and the fading star of an old, heretical one. While political adversity sets the country on edge, Nefertari becomes the wife of Ramesses the Great. Destined to be the most powerful pharaoh in Egypt, he is also the man who must confront the most famous exodus in history.
Cleopatra's Daughter summary:

The marriage of Marc Antony and Cleopatra is one of the greatest love stories of all time, a tale of unbridled passion with earth-shaking political consequences. Feared and hunted by the powers in Rome, the lovers choose to die by their own hands as the triumphant armies of Antony’s vengeful rival, Octavian, sweep into Egypt. Their three orphaned children are taken in chains to Rome, but only two—the ten-year-old twins Selene and Alexander—survive the journey. Delivered to the household of Octavian’s sister, the siblings cling to each other and to the hope that they will return one day to their rightful place on the throne of Egypt. As they come of age, they are buffeted by the personal ambitions of Octavian’s family and court, by the ever-present threat of slave rebellion, and by the longings and desires deep within their own hearts.

To enter you have to answer the question: What was the most exciting thing you did this summer? Please leave your name and email address so I can contact you if you won. Also, please say which book you want to win. For extra entries:
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This contest ends September 10th and open to anyone in the world!
If you comment on my Q & A with Michelle Moran I will give you another extra entry! : )


  1. The most exciting thing I did this summer was when I went to Myrtle Beach, SC with my best friend. I would like to win The Heretic Queen. It sounds really good.
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  2. The most exciting thing I did all summer is drive with my cousins down the strip at night. Its this road off the beach were everyone blares their music, honks, and just yells at guys walking down the road. Its so fun! I also went to Big Kahunas which is this water park.

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  3. The most exciting thing was getting my dog, Charlie(:

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    I would love to win Cleopatra's Daughter. Thanks<3


  4. followed you
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  5. Yay first contest!
    Thanks for entering mine, btw.
    My summer was pretty lame, actually. I think my most exciting thing was going to the zoo, which I hadn't done in a while.

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    Hope you get lots of followers!

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  6. Your welcome Misty and thanks for entering mine : D

  7. The most exciting thing that happened to me this summer would probably be... having surgery (For the FIRST time!) I think it was pretty exciting.
    My summer has been pretty lame otherwise.(Hopefully your summer was WAY more exciting than mine)

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    (I think Cleopatra's Daughter would be a great book to read but both sound pretty cool)


  8. Hmmm.. the most exciting thing I did this summer was when I got to go see Wicked in San Fransisco. I'm addicted to musicals. :-)

    Great contest!

    shadyglade AT mail DOT com

  9. The most exciting thing i did this summer was go to camp. :) It was amazing.

    I don't know which I would want to win... they both look good - Probably The Heretic Queen :)

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    :) Erica

  10. The most exciting thing I did was go to lacrosse camp. Super fun.

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  11. The most exciting thing I did this summer was entertain my in-laws for a weekend. Seriously, that was the most exciting thing. I desperately want to read both novels, choosing is so difficult! Since I must choose it would be The Heretic Queen.

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  12. Omg i so badly wanna win these books im looking for them like everywhere !!

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  13. Probably the most interesting thing I did this summer was go to this seven week music camp. Oh and reread all seven Harry Potter books again!

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    --Eugenia (

  14. the most exciting thing I have done is spend time at the beach
    I would like Cleopatra's daughter
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  15. The most exciting thing I have done this summer is go to the beach.


  16. I had a pretty lame summer. Probably the most exciting thing I did was have a going away party for my friend, we play some star wars monopoly and nintendo WII. Yes I'm lame, but I was focused on making money and reading books this summer. OH WAIT, another exciting thing I did was buy 200 books at this library booksale, and I don't care what anyone says library book sales are ridiculusly exciting :-D

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    thanks for hosting this contest :-D

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  17. I spent my entire summer teaching bible
    clubs for kids! Exciting, but exhausting!!

    I'm not sure which book I'd prefer; they both look amazing!

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    thesweetestpetunia [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. The most exciting thing I've done this summer was go to Sixflags and visit the Gulf of Mexico!

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  19. The most exciting thing that happened to me was that I found time to clear half my tbr pile!

    I would be happy to play for either book.


  20. I had neck surgery. How exciting, right? lol. Great contest. I'd love to win Cleopatra's Daughter.

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  21. Shawna Lewis

    Summer has been wonderful we floated the canal everyday!!!!! My Kids & I love to do that & even the dogs come along!!!

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