Monday, September 28, 2009

Evermore: the Immortals book 1 Review

Title: Evermore (the Immortals book 1)
Author: Alyson Noel
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: February 3, 2009
Pages: 320

My Edition: Paperback
Reading Level: Young Adult
here I got it: Barnes and Noble for my birthday!

Summary from Amazon:
Since a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, Ever can see auras, hear people's thoughts, and know a person's entire life story by touch. Going out of her way to avoid human contact and suppress her abilities has branded her as a freak at her new high school—but everything changes when she meets Damen.

Damen Auguste is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy. He's the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head—wielding a magic so intense, it's as though he can see straight into her soul. As Ever is drawn deeper into his enticing world of secrets and mystery, she's left with more questions than answers. She has no idea just who he really is—or what he is. The only thing she knows to be true is she's falling deeply and helplessly in love with him.

Wow, I really loved this book! The beginning is pretty sad, but it ends very nicely. The main character Ever is easy to relate to, and it's interesting how she can see people's auras, hear their thoughts, and know everything they have ever done. I also really like that you can't figure out what Damen is until the very end. I couldn't put this book down, and I really enjoyed reading it. This is Alyson Noel's first fantasy book, so I think she did pretty well writing Evermore. The books in the series seem to be coming out without much wait in between which is pretty nice. I can't wait to read the next book, Blue Moon!



  1. Isn't this book amazing? I loved your review. You need to read Blue Moon asap(:

  2. Great review. The book sounds great. I love the cover too, it has something mysterious.

  3. I liked this one too. I've got Blue Moon on my library list. Hope it comes in soon!


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