Monday, November 16, 2009

Vampire Diaries Town Set

Hey everyone, this past weekend my sister and I went to Atlanta, GA where our dad is working on the Vampire Diaries. I really wanted to see something from the show, so we drove to Covington where many of the exterior buildings are filmed. I took some pictures of the town which are below:

This is a pic of the exterior of Elena's house like the picture below.


The town's church that's in a couple of episodes

This is the Mystic Grill where the characters hang out at a lot. It's funny because it's actually law offices, so it was painted green and the sign & awning were put up just for the show.

This is the rooftop where Damon takes Vikki like the pic below where you can also see the church!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pic's.. I enjoyed them.. looks like pretty country down there.

  2. Soooo cool! I'm totally addicted to that show!

  3. That's SO cool that your dad is working on this and that you got to go see the town where it takes place. Is there a Covington in Atlanta?
    So funny that the Mystic Grill is actually law offices.

  4. Here in Holland they dont show the serie! But the pictures are beautiful.

  5. Brizmus~No Covington is about 30 minutes away from Atlanta. My dad just has an apartment there because it's in between where that town and the warehouse. Also, Covington is a small town but it's been used in many other films. : )

  6. hey! i love the pictures, thank you so much for posting these!! just wondering, what style of house is it? like if you search for the house styles, what would it come under? (eg. colonial, tuscan, those sorts of words)
    If you know, please send me an email!

    thanks so much! :)


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