Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nanny Returns Review

Title: Nanny Returns
Authors: Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Publication Date: 
December 15, 2009
Pages: 305
My Edition: Hardback
Reading Level: Adult 
*lots of cuss words!*
Where I got it: from Engleman & Co.

Summary from Goodreads:
Ten years after her original misadventures in babysitting, Nan returns to NYC in this saucy sequel to the phenomenal bestseller The Nanny Diaries. Now married and pondering motherhood herself, the recovering caregiver is about to get a whole new perspective on childrearing. Her trouble former charge bursts back into her life and her new consulting business introduces her to nannying's sophisticated older sister: private school. With the same biting wit and tender heart that marked the original, this long-awaited follow-up skewers the elite culture of "outsourced parenting" on the razor-sharp tip of a 21st-century Mary Poppins umbrella. It's as funny as it is affecting: call it chicklit with a conscience.

Nanny Returns was a decent sequel to Nanny Diaries and is set 12 years later in Nan's yet again hectic life. It took me forever to finish because there was just too much going on and not many things I could relate to like I did in the first book. I had trouble reading the first 200 or so pages because it was just a little too slow and kind of tedious to read. However after those pages, the ending was very fast-paced and filled with so much action which I enjoyed reading. Unlike the beginning, I couldn't stop reading the end with so much drama going on. I guess because it is an Adult fiction book, I couldn't really relate to Nan's life now that she's married and is in the "real" world.

I really liked that Nan and Ryan aka Harvard Hottie got married, and now they are buying a house that has many issues. It was interesting to read about the X family again and read about all their drama. Grayer is now 16 and is very troubled...his mother is distraught when Mr. X leaves her which leaves him to take care of his little brother, and he's also dealing with his parent's separation and never seeing his father. I felt pretty bad for the boys and really liked that Nan gets involves & helps them out. I didn't really like reading about Nan's new job or her becoming friends with an old snooty classmate because half the time I just couldn't follow what was going on. Altogether, I wish it was a little more entertaining and a little more interesting to read like the first book The Nanny Diaries, but in the end I did enjoy reading about Nan and the troubled X family again.


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  1. Great review, dont know if i am going to try this one. Maybe if i can find it at the library. I never tried any books written by Emma McLaughlin and Nicole Kraus, but I really should! :)


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