Friday, August 20, 2010

It's My Birthday, Vampires Suck Movie Trailer, and New Kindle Wi-Fi!

Hey guys, today is my 17th birthday...yay!! Unfortunately, I do have to work even though I requested off but oh well I should get used to it : ) Anyways, I'm going to see Vampires Suck after work with my BFF and out to dinner then presents and cake! I'll post my presents on my 'in my mailbox' post this Sunday. 

Here's the trailer for the hilarious Vampire Sucks movie:


My present from my mom is......the new Kindle Wi-Fi in graphite!!! I'm so excited to get it, but I have to wait to get it until at least August 27th which is the release date plus more since it's sold out. I probably wouldn't be getting until sometime in September. I also ordered the Amazon pink case, but it will be sad when that arrives and I wouldn't have my Kindle to put it in. I absolutely can't wait to start reading ebooks on my Kindle! Does anyone have any ebook suggestions for me?


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    It was just my birthday the 18th and my friends took me to see Vampires Suck! It was hilarious!! And had the best ending ever! Hope you enjoy!!

  2. Congrats!! I also ordered the new kindle but mine will ship in September D:

    You have to show us your new case. I'm thinking about buying one but I'm not sure...

    Have a great day!! Enjoy!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hun i hope you have a lovely day, be sure to let me know how the movie is!

    That's awesome that you got a Kindle! I want one sooo badly! Also, I'm going to see Vampires Suck with my friend next week- it looks hilarious!


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