Thursday, January 5, 2012

Box of ARCs Contest!

Hey all, my resolution for this new year will be to read more at college (yes I am in college now, majoring in English Lit YAY!) and to definitely BLOG more! I will try my hardest to read and review more books as well as juggle my school workload, work, and social life. 

Anyways I feel bad having all of these ARCs that I have either read, don't want to read, or know I will never read just sitting in my room soooo I will be sending a lucky winner a box full of ARCs (12 Total)! I want to send it before I go back to school so the contest will end MONDAY January 16th, 2012. I move back into my dorm the 17th so this will give me a day to bundle it all up and send it before I go back!

These are the 12 ARCs I am giving away:
(click the link to go to the Goodreads page to read their summaries)


- Open to U.S. addresses only
- Must fill out THIS FORM
- One winner ~ 12 ARCs (new and gently used)!
- Ends January 16th!
- Also since there are so many and a lot of them have been out for a while, if you have any of these just say so. If you win, I'll try to exchange one of them with a different ARC or another book.

+1 Commenting on any post (besides this one)
+2 For being a follower 
+3 Linking to Twitter, Sidebar, Facebook, Post, or etc.

Fill Out THE FORM and Good Luck!


  1. would love to win love reading great give away

  2. Adrienne you're so sweet but we all know I'm going to win because I live across the hall from your dorm!!! :D
    bahahaha Love you -Laury :)


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