Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! and Other News : D

Happy Halloween everyone!! It kinda seems it's already over for me since my weird town always has trick-or-treat the Tuesday before Halloween and the Halloween Parade the Thursday before. It's really weird, but I'm used to it by now ; ) I was going to go to Hershey Park today because they're open for Halloween, but it's supposed to rain all day. Instead, I'm going tomorrow because I don't want to be at an amusement park in the rain. I'm so excited...I love roller coasters!

I couldn't think of any new covers for the Best and Worst of Covers, so I won't do that this week. I did just finish Candle Man, so I'll have the review later today. Also, my Fallen cover I made for one of Princess Bookie's Challenges moved on to round two, yay! I would love it if you voted for my cover here!


  1. Happy Halloween Adrienne!! I really like the cover you made for Cindy's contest. I was about to go head over there and vote =)


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