Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unwritten Rule Magnet and Bookmark Contest!

As an extra creative entry in Elizabeth Scott's amazing contest for now 35 books (!!!) and more prizes, I made some magnets and bookmarks for The Unwritten Rule with the help from my sister. I would love to give some away to you guys, so I giving away 3 magnets and 5 bookmarks!

**Update: My sister came home from college and helped me tweak a couple things, so they look different now but a lot better : ) The bookmarks are two-sided now, and I added another magnet winner also!**

New Pics of Bookmark Front and Back and Magnet:



This will be a simple contest and not have an extra entries, but if you want to enter her amazing contest which ends March 2nd go here. To enter fill out the form below:


  1. Just entered the contest! I love the bookmarks and magnets, good luck on winning the contest!

  2. thanks for the contest! the only thing I like better than books and pens are bookmarks! :-)

  3. I know I commented two above but I just saw on Elizabeth Scott's blog that you were a winner in her contest, and HAD to congratulate you! So congratulations!


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